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Website safety advice & scams

Sell my hair scams:

As is the case in all marketplaces, fraudsters will employ varying strategies to try and con legitimate users. In an effort to protect our buyers and sellers, we’ve created this page so to inform you of typical scams:

Commonly attempted scams:

  • Buyer says they will send you a ‘certified check’ which turns out to be fake.
  • Buyer says they will send you a sum over the listing price and ask you to wire them the excess to cover shipping cost. The money they send will not come through.
  • You are asked to act off pending amounts in PayPal. The buyer says that money will only clear once you post the item and give PayPal the tracking ID. Payment would have been made with a stolen credit card which eventually bounces. PayPal do not require a tracking ID for money to clear.
  • Buyer sends a fake PayPal payment notification to your email address.
  • Buyer sends a fake money order.
  • A request for you to snip off some hair via Skype.

Other suspicious activity:

  • Buyer rambling on about things that don’t matter or they talk about personal experiences to try and build trust.
  • Poor or just strange syntax and grammar.
  • Willingness to pay over the listing or requested price.
  • A request for unnecessary personal information.

You should consider registering on the site with a temporary email address as buyers will see your email address once you respond to messages you receive through the site. If you have replied to the scammer and they have your email address, it is a good idea to add them to your SPAM or blocked list to prevent further contact. To help you stay safe, it is recommended that buyers and sellers use PayPal to handle payments and no action should be taken until payment has cleared. This should be checked by actually logging into your account.

It’s also useful to Google the email address of a potential buyer – sometimes this will return useful information i.e. if the person is associated with online scams.

If you do receive a scam message, please forward this onto tickets@sellbuyhaironline.uservoice.com. Please only forward us these messages if you’re able to do so within around 3 hours of receiving the message. Otherwise, the chances are that the user will have already been banned.

Users’ IP and email addresses are located in the footer of the first message you receive from them through the site.

Please recognize that scammers go hand in hand with popular marketplaces, particularly classified ads sites where it is free to register and easy to message sellers. Thankfully, the majority of sellers are aware of these scams and we do our best to keep users informed. We remind sellers of online safety in our selling hair guide, during the ad listing process and in the footer of each message a buyer sends through the site. We share information on scammers with scammer databases and also cross-check our registrants with this list. sellbuyHaironline.com is a classified ads site and is not responsible for transactions conducted with other parties.


Thanks you sell buy hair online Team: